Quality in every installation.

With 17+ years of experience we have an attention to detail that separates us from the crowd, we stand behind every floor we install with our meticulous 5 – step process this guarantees your new floor will last for years to come.

Our Process

To prep your floor, our crew uses a diamond grinder that will open the pores of the concrete, to ensure a more permanent bond application.
We vacuum clean dust & particles from the floor, cracks, and corners to ensure a proper bond can take place in every spot and if needed rinse to get any remaining debris.
A moisture barrier primer coat is used as a preventative measure. After a 4-6-hour dry time, holes and cracks are patched/filled if needed.
A solid color epoxy base coat is applied to the concrete surface. Our team then broadcasts color flakes selected by the customer.
We then apply two clear coat layers with the final coat being an industrial-grade polyaspartic system. This further ensures a UV protected floor as well as abrasion and chemical resistance.
With the completion of our installation process, please wait 4-6 hours after the final coat is applied for foot traffic and 24 hours for vehicle traffic.

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